UncategorizedWelcome Lushfans, Psychonauts and Psychonauts in training

Welcome Lushfans, Psychonauts and Psychonauts in training

 At Lushrooms we are creating a space for all those curious about and experienced in micro dosing. Get ready for some fun facts and delicious reliable doses.  If you’ve microdosed before then you will know how great it is to have that little boost of creativity, connection or groundedness and if not, then welcome to the wonderful world of new perspectives! So, where did this magnificent microdosing movement come from? Was it really the publishing of Dr. James Fadiman’s book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide in the early 2010’s or was it divine timing for those of us who felt traditional western medicine and culture was missing the point? We all want to feel better and be better at life but nobody wants to take something that runs the risk of making them feel worse. There are a lot of professionals toting the benefits of the magic in mushrooms,saying the benefits not only outweigh the side effects but side effects are almost non-existent. That’s why us “Millennials” are ditching the hangovers and prescriptions for a joyful, productive, engaging day on less than half a gram of mushrooms. With more and more research coming out about the great benefits this underground movement is going to be popping up more in mainstream channels and we are here to help you with that journey.

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