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Micro dosing, is the wave of the future

Looking to get into your Flow State? Want happiness and joy in your day?  Those seem to be the questions many of us are asking these days. How can I stay productive, engaged and happy with out 3 cups of coffee and an anti depressant.  We have become so disconnected from each other and ourselves that it can seem daunting to get back to your “normal flow”. One of the things I came across when researching micro dosing was the general want and need for connection too self and others and for me I have found a solution.  After the last two years of soul searching I did a deep dive into self and what I found on the other side was sad and astonishing.  My need to mask what was really going on was so self evident and using alcohol to cope was an easy, excepted way to escape.  A truly temporary, backwards way to ignore and not deal with the real struggles these years inflicted. I was so lost, I felt like drowning.  I found it hard to get up, get out, feel alive, feel anything but stressed out and sad.  One day I was so OVER IT I simply couldn’t take it any more. The day I decided to start fresh was one of the darkest days to date, the world I knew was crashing around me like the winter waves on the west coast, relentless. I knew I needed a change and I needed one quickly.  I was about to completely give up. So as a last resort, off to the internet I went in search of articles, blogs, ideas, anything to help get me out of this hole.  I needed something new I hadn’t tried before.  Low and behold Micro dosing emerged as a leader on every board and post I saw.  It seemed like a option to cure depression and anxiety: and while I don’t believe that anything alone is a cure,  I can say it’s completely changed my life.  Alternative therapies have always worked for me and I hate the prescription world we live in so I decided that day to give up alcohol and take up micro dosing and haven’t looked back since. I started a dose diary, found a great counsellor and micro dosed 5 days on 3 days off and the world has never looked brighter.  I am excited to take on the day and see what life brings my way. Micro doing is the wave of the future. Catch the Wave…

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