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No Longer an Underground Movement

What was once an underground festival movement that started in Silicon Valley is now becoming part of the mainstream. With more and more people turning to microdosing psilocybin to help with productivity, creativity and focus, could this ancient practice replace some of the conventional treatments for things like ADHD, depression, or anxiety just to name a few? The research coming out of places like MAPS at the University of British Columbia and John Hopkins University are saying YES, mushrooms can help with so many of today’s ailments. The timeline for results can be immediate and last a lifetime post treatment. That being said, it should be known that the test subjects in that research were given the support of psychotherapy which is known to greatly increase the results as well as create longer lasting results. This research is new and cutting edge. The test groups are small and controlled, but the results are huge.  All this promising data  makes the possibility of legalization sooner than later, as well as better, more thorough research much like we’ve seen with the cannabis movement .Bring on the new era of holistic health!


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