Welcome to My Lushrooms, the Perfect spot for Premium Mushroom Products. We are passionate about supporting mental health in our communities and have collaborated with professional Mycologists, Doctors, Cultivators, coaches and lovers of mushrooms from coast to coast to bring you the best products on the market today. We believe in the power of the mind and body to heal and are proud to offer you healthy product solutions designed to help you navigate lifes struggles. We strive to bring you to a place of Joy and Connection within yourself and your community. Welcome to the journey of living your Lushest Life.

The Benefits


Allow Lushrooms an opportunity to help you create original ideas, infused with alternative possibilities for all your artistic endeavors.


Let us help you get to the center of your interest or activity by dialing in your focus when you need it most.


When you need a pick me up look no further, our products give you the vitality we are so lacking in our day to day lives. Trade your hangover for a glowover.


Whether your looking to have a spiritual journey or simply get clear on some ideas and make room for some soul growth we have a line of Lushrooms products just for you.


Bliss = finding love in all the right places. We are on a mission to ignite the passion in all our fellow humans. It’s time to shine and live the Lush Life.


Boost your immune system with our blends of functional mushrooms designed to support your health and vitality.




Microdosing for premium people doing inspiring things all day.

Whether you're looking to focus more on the task at hand and open your mind to the countless possibilities or looking for real Joy and energy, you are in the right place at the right time.


Drinking Tea to explore the limits of your potential

Whether you’re taking a subtle or deep dive into your psyche it’s available to you through our Karma Sutra Tea. Get ready to explore love on a new level.


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Are you looking for support with Micro dosing? Look no further. Book a free call or zoom today. lushusinfo@gmail.com


When you’re ready to indulge in one of the most sought after magic mushrooms, then look no further than Blue Meanies. Don’t let the name dissuade you, as this magic mushroom is nothing but pure bliss.

Our signature products include these potent mushrooms and If you’re ready to experience the trip of a lifetime, our array of products are all you’ll ever need. Blue Meanies are one of the most potent magic mushrooms on the planet. They are becoming widely popular as many countries take a second look at their magic mushroom laws.

With our proprietary products at Lushrooms here are some of effects that you may feel while under the influence of Blue Meanie blend mushrooms:

  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Social
  • Uplifted
  • Serene
  • Happy

what our customers saying

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When I came across mushrooms years ago, I thought of them as more of a party drug and thats just not me. When I was introduced to the museum dose .5-1g I was instantly converted. That amount for me brings me such happiness and connection without any hangover or ill effects. I highly Recommend 😉
Rachel Burk
Rachel Burk
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Covid has put me in a very dark place over the last 2 years and Mircodosing has given me the light on so many cloudy days. Thank you!
Kally Ben
Kally Ben
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For anyone going through a transformation, dosing can be the light that guides you to find your true self. Get a coach, grab a bottle and dive in. I personally micro dose 150mg 5 days on and 3 off and will never go back to pharmaceuticals. Thank you Lushrooms!
John Barns
John Barns
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Trip after trip you can't deny that the complete detachment from ego lets your soul free.
Jake Martin
Jake Martin
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I am so glad I found this site and site like this. Pre Covid I was very outgoing, the life of the party etc.. during Covid I was a shell of a person until my friend asked me to do a sacred journey on mushrooms with her. We set our intentions, got comfortable, and let the journey begin. That one experience has changed my life is so many profound ways I can't explain them all here. I am just so great full this medicine is available for people like me.
Sherry Kelowna
Sherry Kelowna
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Your website is amazing. It's beautiful, informative &easy to navigate and your packaging is so pretty. I just want to say as a Lushrooms customer your website is inviting and warm and your products gives me hope for a brighter future. Thank you
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